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Think tank's report questions essence of US-style democracy
December 07,2021   By:CHINA DAILY

File photo shows the White House and a stop sign in Washington DC, the United States. [Photo/Xinhua]
Dec. 7, 2021 -- Democracy is the right of the people of all countries, not the patent of several countries, said a newly released report that targets the declaration of some countries claiming their own monopoly on the definition or model of "democracy".
In recent years, the United States, the world's only superpower and an early implementer of modern democracy, has witnessed a gradual metamorphosis of its democracy, according to a research report issued on Monday by the Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies of Renmin University of China, a Chinese think tank.
The 23,000-word report, available in five languages-Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish-is published at a time when US President Joe Biden is scheduled to host a "Summit for Democracy" on Thursday and Friday.
"Domestically, it has become a tool for a few people to seek personal gains, violating human rights, and tearing society apart. Internationally, it has become a front and excuse for the United States to maintain hegemony, interfere in the internal affairs of other countries, and undermine the international order," the report said.
Based on US literature and articles, the document raised 10 questions related to the country's democracy, including whether democracy in the US is for the majority or the minority, whether it ensures checks and balances of power or leads to abuse of power, and whether it improves people's well-being or increases their suffering.
The report also pointed out that US-style democracy has brought "disaster and turmoil to other countries" and has undermined international order.
Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian reiterated on Monday that democracy is the common value of all mankind and the right of all peoples.
At a regular news briefing in Beijing, Zhao said the political system of each country should be decided by its people, and the US has no right to monopolize democratic standards to impose its own political system on others and to instigate division and confrontation under the guise of "democracy".
The think tank said it hopes the report will help the world "fully understand democracy and promote shared values for all humankind".
John Ross, former director of economic and business policy for the mayor of London, said China's framework and delivery on human rights and democracy is "far superior to the West's", as China focuses on real improvement of the real conditions of humanity.
"What is important for real human beings, and what best demonstrates whether 'rule by the people' exists, is the outcome in the conditions of life for real human beings," he said. "That is what has been demonstrated by China's history and real social and political development."
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