China's International Cooperation and Exchanges on Human Rights in 2019
February 14,2022   By:ssap
Abstract: China made great progress in international human rights cooperation and cooperation in 2019. It is mainly divided into two levels:governmental and non-governmental. At the governmental level,besides those regular multilateral and bilateral cooperation,international human rights cooperation and exchanges have also emerged new forms of cooperation and exchanges,and some existing cooperation and exchanges have also made new progress. At the non-governmental level,international cooperation and exchanges are mainly reflected in the participation of Chinese human rights organizations in international human rights affairs. During the past year,Chinese human rights organizations have been very active,participating in international human rights cooperation and exchanges in various forms,rich contents and fruitful results. Meanwhile,the international human rights challenge facing China in 2019 is also very severe,to which China has adopted a multi-faceted response.
Keywords: International Human Rights Cooperation; International Human Rights Exchange; Social Organizations For Human Rights
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