The Establishment and Progress of Child Welfare Supervisor and Child Welfare Director
February 14,2022   By:ssap
Abstract: In 2019,China continues the efforts to build a community-based child care and protection system. To improve the defects of community-based prevention and intervention mechanisms,China establishes a network of left-behind children and needy children at the county,township,and village levels. Child supervisors and workers are key human resources in the network. The poses have been extended from the pilot to the whole country. Clear job responsibilities have been established and certain capacity training has been carried out. However,still in the pioneering period,this force still faces many challenges. It is necessary to carry out continuous job competence training,improve the policy and regulations system,advance the inter-department joint meeting system,and explore the scientific and feasible job evaluation indicators.
Keywords: Child Supervisor; Child Welfare Worker; Community-based Child Care
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