New Progress in China's Prevention and Treatment of Minor Sexual Assault
February 14,2022   By:ssap
Abstract: The protection of minors is related to the future of the country,and to the development and happiness of minors. In recent years,China has implemented many important measures in the prevention and treatment of sexual assault on minors and has achieved great results. For example,formulate and implement laws and regulations on prevention and treatment of sexual assault on minors,highlight the crackdown on sexual assault on minors,implement a ban on sexual assault on offenders,promote the establishment of a system for disclosing information on sexual offenders,and attach importance to the implementation of a series of measures such as compensation for psychological rehabilitation against minors and the implementation of “one-stop inquiry” for victims of sexual assault. There are also some issues and further improvements are needed to better protect the legitimate rights and interests of minors. The prevention and punishment of sexual assault on minors is directly related to the personal dignity and physical and mental health of minors. It is an important manifestation of the principle of the priority of children and the principle of the child’s best interests. It also reflects the continuous progress of human rights protection in our country.
Keywords: Minor; Sexual Assault; One Stop Inquiry
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