Research on Urban Residents' Trust in Judicial Institutions in Protecting Civil Rights-Based on a Questionnaire Survey in Parts of Tianjin
February 14,2022   By:ssap
Abstract: In the construction of legal city,the trust of citizens to the judicial organs and their cognition of judicial rights are important aspects. People’s trust in the judiciary has reached a certain level,but there is still a long way to go. The degree of judicial trust and the cognition of judicial rights have not changed much in the past two years. The degree of judicial trust is at a medium level,and they have basic trust in judicial organs and judges. However,there are also a considerable proportion of people with low judicial trust,lack of sufficient awareness of judicial rights,and low awareness of the rule of law and legal quality. The respondents’ cognition of judicial rights is positively correlated with their education and economic conditions. In addition,the trust in professional legal services needs to be further improved. In order to improve citizens’ trust in judicial organs and legal services,we need to continue to deepen judicial reform,improve legal practice and improve citizens’ legal quality.
Keywords: Empirical Study; Judicial Organs; Judicial Rights; Trust Degree; Rights Cognition
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