2019 Corporate Social Responsibility Performance in China
February 14,2022   By:ssap
Abstract: CSR has become to be an international business language,an important part of the core competitiveness of enterprises,and an important embodiment of the soft power of enterprises. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out:“Only wealth with compassion is the true sense wealth,only those who are responsible with social accountability are the most competitive enterprises with viability.” The Chinese government attaches great importance to CSR. In 2019,more and more enterprises passed corporate social responsibility certification,strengthened social responsibility management,and disclosed non-financial information by issuing CSR reports and ESG reports. Chinese enterprises have more outstanding performance in labor protection,environment,community,charity,anti-corruption and other fields. In this year,corporate poverty alleviation continued to be a corporate social responsibility topic full of Chinese characteristics,enterprises going abroad continues to fulfill social responsibilities in foreign investment,the combination of CSR and compliance management is very obvious. Of course,problems still exist. For example,some enterprises perform poorly in compliance management,some enterprises only regard corporate social responsibility as a means of public relations,and the phenomenon of “floating green” still existed in 2019. In addition,there are disputes about “996” and some awards about social responsibility are not very convincing. Therefore,Chinese enterprises should continue to implement CSR deeply and sincerely in in the future.
Keywords: CSR; Compliance Management; SDGs; Corporate Poverty Alleviation
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