Practice and Achievements of China in Protecting the Right to Reproductive Health in 2019
February 14,2022   By:ssap
Abstract: The National Health Commission has issued a series of policies and documents to implement the Healthy China strategy,promote the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations,and ensure the realization of people’s right to reproductive health. Nowadays,the rate of prenatal care and hospital delivery remained at a high level,with the maternal mortality rate,neonatal mortality rate and infant mortality rate being the level of developed countries. In addition,mother-to-child transmission of sexually transmitted diseases and the incidence of birth defects have been greatly reduced. However,the unmet need for contraception and the rate of induced abortion rate has increased during the institution reorganization. It is suggested that in the future work,information,education and communication (IEC)and advocacy should be strengthened to pay more attention to the unmet needs for reproductive health. The non-government organizations should play a positive role to further improve the reproductive health service system while the capacity building for the personnel will be reinforced as a way to improve the quality and level of reproductive health services.
Keywords: Reproductive Health; Reproductive Health Rights; Maternal And Child Care; Contraception Service

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