Smart Elderly Care and its New Progress in China
February 14,2022   By:ssap
Abstract: Intelligent Endowment is a new type of old-age care mode that responses to population ageing and makes full use of the new technology. It can realize the important role of remote consultation,remote companionship,intelligent security and liberation of manpower,makes the old-age care more comfortable,efficient and convenient,and protect the rights of the elderly more better. In 2019,China has made new progress in various aspects,including:further clarifying development strategies and advancing the implement plans;strengthening macro-design,effectively encouraging enterprises to participate,promoting personnel training and standardization of the industry;and promoting work pilot projects to raise the level of intelligence for the old-age care and provide more diverse services. Nevertheless,the intelligent endowment needs to be further improved,to be more approachable,more humanistic,more standardized and more popular.
Keywords: ProfessionalsIntelligent EndowmentResearch And Development Of ProductsUrban-rural Balance
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