Inclusive Electric Service Facilitates Poverty Alleviation
February 14,2022   By:ssap
Abstract: Electricity inclusive service is considered as the basic material condition for human survival and development,verious countries have brought whether citizens can acquire energy inclusive serviceinto survival rights system. In 2019,China has issued a series of policies to promote electricity inclusive service and achieve remarkable results. Howevevr,on account of the imperfect electricity inclusive service legal basis,regulation and compensation mechanism,China’s inclusive electricity service is not fully realized. As a result,the survival rights of people in many regions of our countrycannot be effectively guaranteed,the economic development of poor areas is restricted,and the development opportunities for the poor are limited. Therefore,lifting electricity inclusive service is the key to realize poverty alleviation. It is needed to improve electricity inclusive service legal system in order to guarantee people’s rights,improve the regulation mechanism so that the poor enjoying electricity inclusive service is ensured,establish flexible pricing mechanism to provide the poor with reasonable energy services,possess diversified service quality and service methods to meet the energy needs of different areas,and finally set up the electricity inclusive service fund in order to provide funding guarantees for electricity inclusive service.
Keywords: Government Regulation; Poverty Alleviation; Inclusive Electricity Service
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