China to advance digitalization of risk management for hazardous chemicals
September 19,2022   By:Xinhua
BEIJING, Sept. 19, 2022 -- China will continue to promote the digital, networked and intelligent transformation of safety-risk management for hazardous chemicals, an official said Friday.
The digitalization of hazardous chemicals management has been piloted in 80 relevant workplaces since last year, Song Honglin, an official with the Ministry of Emergency Management, told a press conference.
Song said that the digitalization of the double prevention mechanism has been fully carried out in major hazard source firms, with 5,551 of them already completing construction, accounting for 82 percent of the whole.
Full coverage of all the hazard source firms will have been completed by the end of this year, Song said.
The ministry has conducted the intelligent transformation of work-safety monitoring, supervision and law enforcement to prevent and defuse major safety risks and ensure the safety of people's lives and property, ministry official Wei Pingyan said. 
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