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Virus-hit Chengdu gradually returns to normalcy
September 16,2022   By:chinadaily.com.cn
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Sept. 16, 2022 -- Normalcy is returning to Chengdu, a southwestern city which has been grappling with a COVID-19 outbreak over the past few weeks.
As the latest COVID resurgence subsides, the Chengdu Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters said in a notice on Wednesday that the city's Jinjiang and Shuangliu districts, as well as Qingyang, Jinniu, Wuhou, Chenghua districts in the Chengdu High-tech Zone will resume normalcy gradually from midday Thursday.
People entering residential compounds and public places or taking public transportation must hold a negative COVID-19 test result obtained within 48 hours. Proof of a negative test result within 24 hours must be presented on the first day of returning to work.

The city offers free nucleic acid testing for all residents in the Chengdu High-Tech South District and Jinjiang, Qingyang, Jinniu, Wuhou and Chenghua districts on Thursday. 
Chengdu reported eight local confirmed COVID-19 cases and 14 asymptomatic cases on Wednesday, the Health Commission of Sichuan Province said.
The city's bars, KTVs, internet cafes, gyms, game rooms, bathing places, swimming pools and other enclosed entertainment venues as well as museums, cultural centers, libraries, art galleries, indoor sports venues and other public cultural and sports venues will remain closed.
It is forbidden to hold large-scale in-person conferences, training, performances, exhibitions, square dances and other gatherings. Nursing homes and children's welfare homes will be put under closed-off management, the notice said.
Return to schools and kindergartens will be postponed, and offline off-campus tutoring activities will be suspended.
Chengdu started citywide static management on Sept 1, with residents required to stay home and unnecessary business suspended.

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