Human Rights: China publishes book on Xi Jinping's thoughts on human rights
January 05,2022   By:CGTN
Jan. 5, 2022 -- Readers and representatives from the media and academia gathered in Beijing to discuss a recently published book of President Xi Jinping's thoughts on human rights. 
The book compiles excerpts of President Xi's theories on human rights. In particular, survival and development rights are framed as top priorities for China to achieve common prosperity. Xi writes we must not focus on who has the best human rights record, but how we can all improve human rights for everyone.
ZOON AHMED KHAN Research Fellow, Center for China & Globalization "We see how Chinese people's lives have been improved, how even during Covid-19, people were prioritized. Their life were prioritized. So we see that this journey in China is consistent. It has a big theory and philosophy behind it. That philosophy is something the world can learn immensely from. I appreciate that this book has been published. It is helping communities abroad also understand and appreciate what it takes to build a society, and to improve a community."
DR. MISBAHUL FERDOUS Fuwai Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College "I strongly believe in one chapter of putting people first. It really attracts me, and gives me very good and positive idea how President Xi jinping can help every single life in China. In the Covid time, when every patient went to visit hospital, everything is free. You know every country in the world, the medical cost is very expensive, but president Xi jinping's government gave people support from the nation. Another thing is President Xi jinping government send medical team to the world. Many countries get the real support how the pandemic can be controlled."
China has proposed to build a community of a shared future for mankind. To achieve this, China has vowed action on climate change, against terrorism, and participated in world governance. Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, China has promised to provide vaccines as global public good. President Xi references these policies as China's understanding and pursuit of human rights.
YANG SHANSHAN CGTN Reporter "The book points to China's reduction of poverty in past 30 years as a sign that it's ready to contribute to global human rights through cooperation. Yang Shanshan, CGTN."


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