Human Rights in Xinjiang: Anti-terrorism Protects Human Rights and Ensures Prosperity
June 28,2022   By:CGTN
June 28, 2022 -- Officials in northwestern China's Xinjiang region held a news conference in the capital Urumqi on Friday on progress in human rights. The region posted a GDP in 2021 of 251 billion dollars, up seven percent from a year ago. Officials said Xinjiang's continued prosperity is proof of economic stability thanks to a counter-terrorism campaign since 2017. The news conference comes as leaders of BRICS grouping of emerging economies reiterated on Thursday their commitment to joint anti-terrorism efforts in their Beijing Declaration.
OMARJAN NAMAT Vice President, Xinjiang Police College "The purpose of anti-terrorism is to fully protect human rights. Terrorist attacks, no matter what the purpose or motivation behind, are just crimes. In areas where terrorist attacks happen frequently, economy usually is in severe recession and people have desperate lives there. And if we can't solve the terrorism problem, people's development rights can't be guaranteed and promoted. Therefore, cracking down on terrorism is just to protect human rights' development. Anti-terrorism is not a country's responsibility, but a common task for all nations."


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