2022 Beijing Forum on Human Rights: Experts call for joint efforts to improve human rights for all
July 28,2022   By:CGTN
The 2022 Beijing Forum on Human Rights has been held in the Chinese capital, hosting international experts and scholars both online and in-person. They discussed global human rights development and called for joint efforts to improve the situation for everyone across the world. Cao Bing has this report. 
Themed working together towards a fairer, more equitable, reasonable and inclusive global human rights governance, the 2022 Beijing Forum on Human Rights attracted more than 200 experts and scholars from nearly 70 countries and international organizations, like the United Nations.
The president of the China Society for Human Rights was among the participants. Padma Choling denounced politicizing the human rights issue and using it to create division and confrontation. He also called for more cooperation in the international human rights development.
H.E. MR. PADMA CHOLING Vice Chairman, Standing Committee of NPC, President, China Society for Human Rights Studies "The global human rights governance should be built by all countries and the results must benefit everyone. There is no Utopia, when it comes to human rights, and the world does not need any country to tell others what to do. Human rights should never be used by any country to exert pressure on others or interfere in other countries' internal affairs. We should uphold multilateralism, abide by the purposes and principles of the UN charter, defend international rules for international relations, commit to human rights development with the principles of fairness, objectiveness, non-selectivity, and depoliticization."
CAO BING Beijing "A British scholar said in his speech that China focuses on the practical results of protecting human rights, and has achieved remarkable achievements in eradicating absolute poverty, and protecting women's rights as well as people's life and health amid the COVID-19 pandemic."
JOHN ROSS Senior Fellow, Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies, Renmin University of China "China's death from Covid is 4 per million, in the US, that's 3,077 per million. US Covid death per capita is 800 times higher than China's. If the US suffers the same death per capital with China, only 1,228 people should have died, instead of one million and 20 thousand. If China has the same number per capital with the US, 4,340,000 people would have died, compared to 5,226 actually died. In summary, over a million have died who would be alive if its government is as successful as China in containing Covid."
The participants also discussed multilateralism, democracy and sustainable development. Many speakers said today's world, which is undergoing vast changes and facing lots of uncertainties, is a community with a shared destiny, and joint efforts are required to improve human rights for all. CB, CGTN, BJ.


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