Human Rights in China: Seminar explores practices in 'people-centered philosophy'
September 28,2022   By:CGTN
Sept. 28, 2022 -- Dozens of experts have exchanged views on what China calls people-centered philosophy in human rights development. Participants explored practices in the online seminar, hosted by the China Foundation for Human Rights. The NGO is focused on international exchanges, cooperation and educational research. The organization's head Zuo Feng spoke about China's efforts and contributions.
ZUO FENG Vice Chairman and Secretary General China Foundation for Human Rights Development "To help people lead happy lives is the core value when it comes to human rights development in China. President Xi has said many times that living a happy life is the most important human right. Over the past decade, China has committed to developing its economy, ecosystem, and culture. It has historically eliminated extreme poverty and has worked out its own model of democracy, namely 'whole-process people's democracy.' China also guarantees the equality of all ethnic groups and their religious freedoms."



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