Service center brings convenience to villagers
July 07,2022   By:chinadaily.com.cn
July 7, 2022 -- A multi-functional service center combining an activity room, library, infirmary and convenience store has recently completed construction in Liangjiazhuang village in Beijing's Mentougou district, bringing a space for a variety of activities to local residents.
The center, which was founded on June 28 by the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau of Mentougou district and Xinhe Real Estate Co of the China State Construction Engineering Corporation, is located in western Beijing's Liangjiazhuang village, about 110 kilometers from the urban center. In previous years, it was a low-income area.
After getting rid of poverty, the local government elected to build a fully functional center for residents. Xinhe expressed its willingness to build the center for the villagers after learning of their needs.
"The center is a two-story building in a new Chinese style with an area of about 200 square meters," said Niu Qixiang, manager of the design department of the north region of Xinhe. "The multi-functional design will effectively provide convenience for the villagers."
In recent years, with the help of the local government, Liangjiazhuang village has built water reservoirs and drinking water pipe networks, improved roads and planted high-yield crops, improving villagers' quality of life and raising their incomes.
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