Report: Gun violence in U.S. seriously tramples on human rights
August 26,2019   By:CGTN
Aug.26, 2019 -- On Saturday, the China Society for Human Rights Studies published an article to expose the long-lasting problem of gun violence in the United States which, it said, has seriously trampled on human rights. 
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Noting that a number of deadly mass shootings have recently taken place in the United States, the article said the mass shootings have once again exposed the grave consequences of the proliferation of guns in the United States, reflecting the profound crisis in the U.S. political and social systems, as well as its hypocrisy on human rights.
The United States has the largest number of privately owned guns in the world. Gun-related cases in the United States resulted in 14,717 deaths and 28,172 injuries in 2018, according to the article.
"Recurrent deadly shooting cases have become a hallmark feature of the United States," it said. 
Calling gun violence a serious threat to the lives of the American people, the article pointed out that the long-lasting unsolved problem is due to various reasons that are directly related to the country's special social and political systems. 
The rigid constitutional provisions of the United States have made it impossible to achieve a comprehensive ban on guns, the article noted, adding that the drawbacks of the U.S. party politics and the resistance from interest groups are also hindering gun control efforts.
The proliferation of guns in the United States is also related to the excessive use of firearms by the U.S. police, the article said. 
Noting the increasingly apparent phenomenon of "polarization" in U.S. politics, the article said the U.S. democracy couldn't find a way to solve the gun issue. Both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party have failed to respond to the demands of the reality of U.S. society, it said.
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