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Mr. CHANG Jian
November 30,2016   By:

常健 先生
Mr. CHANG Jian 
Deputy Director of the Center for the Study of Human Rights, Vice Dean of Zhou Enlai School of Government, Nankai University
Mr. Chang Jian (born 1957) is a council member of China Society for Human Rights Studies and a Ph.D. supervisor. His main research areas are human rights theory, public administration and leadership. He published books such as The Chinese Road of Human Rights(2016), Human Rights Policies in China(2016), Efficiency, Justice, Stability and Government Responsibility(2010), The Transformation of Rights in China, Tianjin People’s Publisher (2000), The Ideal, Paradoxes and Practice of Human Rights, Sichuan People’s Publisher (1992). He also edited books such as Contemporary Human Rights Safeguard, Human Rights Readings for Citizens, and co-edited books such as Training Handbooks of Human Rights for Public Servants, Annual Reports on China’s Human Rights (Blue Books), and Human Rights Action in China.