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There Should Be No Exception to the Rule
December 02,2016
There Should Be No Exception to the Rule
István LOVAS 
Abstract: The United Nations is the most important global body responsible for the general well-being of mankind. It cannot afford not to be taken seriously by a part of the inhabitants of our planet. However, if it continues to apply double standards in many of its areas of responsibility, it risks an increasing loss of support in the population of its member states. This contribution cites Article 5 of the DRD, and demonstrates, on the examples of two states, Israel and India, that they are countries that are considered democratic, but they are egregious offenders of all that are listed in the above mentioned article as obstacles to the right to development. They practice, among others, apartheid, racism, occupation and/or aggression in the lands occupied by them. Israel and India are colonial powers that oppress the population under their occupation. Israel is a state that practices racial discrimination, foreign domination, carries out murderous attacks against the population it keeps under occupation, it does not allow the territorial integrity of the Palestinian land, threats it with war, and refuses to recognize the fundamental rights of its peoples to self-determination. It arrests and imprison children, tortures its prisoners who do not often know why are they behind bars. Also, it keeps a blockade around the Gaza-strip, called the world‘s biggest open-air prison, and keeps it population in extraordinary misery. The situation with regards to India is the same or similar. The question arises, why is it that countries disliked by the United States, and its Western allies, such as Russia or China, that are under frequent attack for their alleged violation of human rights, while countries that the strategic allies of the US can do whatever they wish and they can get away with it. A declaration of the General Assembly of the United Nations should apply to all countries. Article 1 of this Declaration states that ―The right to development is an inalienable human right by virtue of which every human person and all peoples are entitled to participate in, contribute to, and enjoy economic, social, cultural and political development, in which all human rights and fundamental freedoms can be fully realized.‖ This article clearly states that there are no exceptions, be it a country or individual. Although it is true that this Declaration cannot establish a monitoring mechanism as it is non-binding, it can be the duty and opportunity of a contributor to this conference to express its opinion about these deficiencies. The contribution concludes that the United Nations should do more than heretofore to hold any and all countries to scrutiny with regard to its deficiencies in the UN Declaration on the Right to Development in order for it to have a bigger chance to succeed.