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China’s Growing Activism in the Global South
December 02,2016
China‘s Growing Activism in the Global South
James CHAR 
Abstract: Market-oriented reforms to the Chinese economy at the end of the 1970s have had far-reaching consequences for China and the rest of the world. In the period hitherto, China has transformed itself from a poor country into a moderately prosperous nation, providing the attendant economic benefits to its 1.3 billion population and achieving the United Nations Millennium Development Goals on poverty alleviation ahead of schedule. With its growing economic clout and increasing influence in the world that continues to rise by the day, China‘s global presence has unsurprisingly become a source of concern for scholars of international relations and pundits alike as the Asian giant becomes progressively engaged in the international affairs of the day. Clearly, Beijing‘s pursuit of good foreign relations via a combination of hard economic and military prowess, in conjunction with soft cultural and diplomatic power, serves to strengthen its political leverage and legitimacy to challenge the extant western-led world order. An assessment of Chinese diplomatic strategy reveals a purposeful attempt at shifting the global balance of power.