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Developmental Cooperation: The China-India Experience
December 02,2016
Developmental Cooperation: The China-India Experience
Jagannath PANDA 
Abstract: The discourse of development is different today from the conventional orientation the West used to attach to it. The Chinese economic model and trade and economic reach have shaped a new developmental model that many other countries would like to emulate. The relationship between China and the rest of the developing world is becoming increasingly pragmatic, secularised and commercialised. The developing world‘s response to this Chinese developmental discourse, while generally welcoming it, is multi-dimensional. Similarly, the Indian model of democracy has been the lead story of ―democracy promotion‖ campaign in the world, a calculated soft-power reach, which many countries in the developing world would like to adhere to. IBSA has been one of these enterprises. IBSA‘s push for a people-to-people connection between India and South Africa includes Brazil too. At the same time, India‘s promotion of democratic ideals remains somewhat weak, lacking in vigour to match the aid, financial and commercial attraction that China-Africa engagement currently enjoys. In this discourse of development, both the Chinese model and Indian model needs a comparative analysis. 
(The author is Research Fellow & Head of East Asia Centre Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, New Delhi, INDIA)