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Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Realization of the Right to Development
December 02,2016
Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Realization of the Right to Development
SHIM Jae Kwon 
The core message of the Sustainable Development Agenda is to ensure no one is left behind from the benefits of development. It reminds us once again that human beings are not tools but the beneficiaries of development, and must remain the focus of development efforts. 
In the process of implementing the Sustainable Development Agenda, the participation of civil society, the corporate sector, academia and various stakeholders must be guaranteed. Similarly, working in partnership with multiple stakeholders is of the utmost importance. 
Parliamentary bodies should serve as initiators and facilitators for implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 
This is because parliaments plays a pivotal role in integrating and adjusting policies for implementing the Goals, as well as developing a legal framework to support related policies. In particular, it has been pointed out that one of the reasons why the MDGs did not result in greater success was the lack of participation and cooperation from the parliaments of each participating country. 
Therefore, it is necessary to actively participate and monitor progress at the parliamentary level. The Sustainable Development Goals include objectives related to not only the environment but also comprehensive agenda items on the economy and society as a whole. As such, there is a need to lay the groundwork for discussion fora within parliaments to ensure coverage of the various sustainable development agenda items in a balanced manner.
In the same vein, a parliamentarian research group called the ―National Assembly UN SDGs Forum‖ has been created and is currently active within the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea. The Forum builds partnerships with people from academia, the corporate sector and civil society, listening to their opinions and contributing to international efforts to implement the SDGs by incorporating them in domestic laws and institutions. 
Meanwhile, in order to build a system to implement the SDGs, it will be necessary to establish a full-fledged international collaborative system to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, by creating links with the UN and international organizations responsible for each area.