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Shi Anbin
September 17,2018   By:
Dr. Shi Anbin is currently professor of media and cultural studies, associate dean of School of Journalism and Communication, and director of Israel Epstein Center for Global Media and Communication, at Tsinghua University. He was selected as the“Changjiang Scholar”by the Ministry of Education. His research interests include intercultural communication, global communication, public communication, press and politics. He has published six books and over 100 articles in Chinese and English academic journals. In addition, Professor Shi is now serving as the special consultant and guest professor for the Information Office of the State Council, and has completed the training of more than 10,000 government spokespersons and press officers at central, municipal and provincial level. He also frequently appears on CGTN (CCTVNEWS), New York Times, Washington Post, Newsweek and Al Jazeera to comment upon contemporary China’s press and politics.   
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