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KOZHIROVA Svetlana: State Policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Sphere of Countering Religious Extremism
September 12,2019   By:
State Policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Sphere of Countering Religious Extremism
Abstract:In modern world, religious extremism has transformed into one of the most complex social problems, becoming part of domestic policy and an instrument for foreign policy activities to achieve the goals of individual powers, forces and movements on the world stage. In this case, religious ideas are used to justify political actions or to mobilize people for non-religious purposes. Such manipulations are often the cause of radicalization and extremism of citizens’ consciousness and the Commission of extremist and terrorist offences, which have recently become a universal problem. This phenomenon does not depend on the standard of living, so it exists in both developed and poor countries. The problems in the process of countering religious extremism today are relevant in the Republic of Kazakhstan. All national legislation classifies this type of act as the most dangerous type of crime, posing a threat to national security, sovereignty, territorial integrity and the foundations of the constitutional system. During the period of gaining independence in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the state policy towards religion has changed radically. The state has introduced a series of policies in the field of anti-religious extremism. In order to ensure a scientific approach to the analysis and prediction of the religious situation, a Research and analytical Center on religious issues of the Ministry of justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan was established in January 2007. During this period, the problem of victims affected by the activities of religious neoplasms of a destructive nature is raised. In connection with this situation, there are the first non-governmental organizations that provide psychological and legal assistance to people affected by the activities of religious tumors. Especially, the Law “On religious activities and religious associations”, developed by the Agency for religious Affairs was adopted. The adoption of this law marked the beginning of a new stage in the development of state and religious policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, implying the active participation of the state in the regulation of religious associations, maintaining a balance of interests of the state and society as a whole. Most importantly, the achievement of the implementation of the Law and the work of interested state bodies in the field of religion was reflected in the awareness of citizens that religious activities should be carried out exclusively according to the rules defined by the state. 
Taking into account the growing threat of religious extremism, Kazakhstan has taken certain steps to confront it. However, the country still does not have strong and effective mechanisms to prevent re among the population. This implies the implementation of projects that would combine joint tasks and initiatives to prevent radicalization, developed by the government together with civil society. To some extent, this is because the government is focusing on punitive measures to address this problem. It is imperative to develop and implement new projects to prevent the spread of religious extremism.
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