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Abdul Wahid WAHID: Anti-extremism Struggle: Success and Failure
September 12,2019   By:
Anti-extremism Struggle: Success and Failure
Abdul Wahid WAHID
Abstract: Terrorism is the outcome of extremism and considered as major threat to any civilized society. Islam does not justify extremism. It rather rejects it. Unfortunately a small segment of society misinterpretated the principles of Islam and has challenged our shared values of peace.
They are killing mostly Muslims who disagree with their philosophy. According to the first written Constitution of Islam approved by the Prophet Muhammad, everyone was free to practice their belief and to exercise their own justice system, but criminals were not protected by either side.
We should not only focus on the security-based counter-terrorism measures but also on taking systematic preventive steps as well. Regional coordination is required. All counter terrorism policies should avoid associating terrorism with religion.
As effectees of the terrorism, we would share with our friends and hear their success and failures in rooting out the concept of extremism. Despite the multiplicity of the root causes of extremism, it can be summed up in social, economic, political and security reasons, as well as external aspects and security reasons, as well as external aspects.
In order to root extremism out I propose taking the following steps. 
1. There must be equitable development opportunities in the regions that are supposed to be victimized by extremism.
2. The hostile legacy of injustice must be ended.
3. The improper understanding and application of religion and its teachings must be addressed by empowering the moderate and qualified scholars.  
4.The law enforcing authorities and judiciary need to go beyond their normal attitudes, which is normally focus on harsh attitudes towards criminals.
5. There is severe need for controlling social media to prevent spread of hatred among different cultures and civilizations.
6. Hostile military operations in the whole areas where terrorists are mixed up with common people in Afghanistan have resulted civilian casualties and failed to achieve goals.
7. Considering all religious scholars as extremists have resulted undesirably and created opportunities for terrorists to launch media war against the justified struggle.
8. Economic causes can be summed up in the lack of economic and social opportunities, and the variation of economic development.
9. The political and social causes include bad governance, absence of rule of law, corruption, social injustice.
10. The illicit translation of the religious orders, grievances, deprivations, unemployment, poverty in different sections of the society pave the way for expanding extreme ideologies.
11. The intervention of external elements and organizations by insisting to apply their own traditions, under the title of human rights and democracy in the countries suffering from conflicts have had negative results. 
If we believe in countering terrorism and extremism successfully, we must coordinate the short term and long term policies adopted to achieve the objectives.
The transfer of 400 billion Chinese yuan to Xinjiang every year to support the development projects must be appreciated. Those measures have positively contributed to the effectiveness of the strategy.
It is actually a more lenient way to combat terrorism than the ways practiced by some Western countries where the offenders are locked up indefinitely. Building more than 40,000 mosques and establishing more than 10 Islamic educational institutions in China shows the real measures taken by Chinese government to focus on counter-terrorism and radicalism agenda.
We appreciate the precautionary measures taken by Chinese government to safeguard the culture.
In addition, we suggest that there should be more focus on establishment of religious educational institutions with real moderate teaching methods and curriculum to counter extremism and radicalism.
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