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Rehemutula AISHAN: Addressing both Symptoms and Root Causes: Xinjiang’s Experience of "De-extremization" in China
September 12,2019   By:
Addressing both Symptoms and Root Causes:
Xinjiang’s Experience of "De-extremization" in China
Rehemutula AISHAN
In order to implement the strategies for governing Xinjiang, which is under the firm leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core, and to sustain social stability and peace in Xinjiang, Xinjiang has been taking aggressive actions against extremism since 2014. Xinjiang’s fight against extremism is a legitimate act of the Chinese people to safeguard national unity and the fundamental interests of the people of all ethnic groups. And it is also an important part of the same battle being waged by the international community. De-extremization effort in Xinjiang is based on the reality in Xinjiang, while drawing on the experience of other countries. The government prioritizes safeguarding the fundamental interests of all ethnic groups. Starting by addressing deep-rooted problems, Xinjiang has worked to explore effective and law-based approaches to de-extremization to protect people of all ethnic groups from the scourge of extremism, and identified successful experiences and effective measures. In accordance with the law, government in Xinjiang carries out vocational and educational training, and conducts a number of activities such as “Fanghuiju”(investigating people’s worries and concerns, improving people’s living standards, achieving people-to-people connectivity), “People of All Ethnics Are a Unity and One Family ”and “Programs in the Public Interest”. All those measures are the summaries of Xinjiang’s de-extremization and have played important roles in promoting ethnic unity, improving people’s well-being and maintaining social stability. 
Especially since the end of 2016, Xinjiang has balanced “Vocational and Educational Training”, “Fanghuiju”, “People of All Ethnics Are a Unity and One Family” and “Programs in the Public Interest”, achieving remarkable results. Xinjiang has seen a better trend where the area is stable and controllable. Infiltration and spread of the three forces of terrorism, separatism and extremism have been effectively controlled. The public order has been improved markedly and various social programs have made remarkable progress. The people of all ethnic groups have a stronger sense of security, and taken on a new look in their spirit. All ethnic groups actively have pursued modern civilized life and guarded against religious extremism. All ethnic groups have become more and more united and harmonious. The social foundation for anti-terrorism and anti-extremism has been more solid. And the people of all ethnic groups have been full of hope for a better life in the future.
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