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LI Jie: Concept and Initiatives of Anti-terrorism De-extremization in Southeast Asia
September 12,2019   By:
Concept and Initiatives of Anti-terrorism De-extremization in Southeast Asia
LI Jie
Abstract: Terrorism and extremism have become the major public hazard in the world of today, which poses a serious threat to the world peace and development, and seriously endangers the lives and property of people all over the world. As a region with a large and concentrated Muslim population, Southeast Asia has been under the threat of rampant terrorism and extremism. In particular, in recent years, international terrorism and violent extremism led by the Islamic State have spread within the region, and terrorism in Southeast Asia is entering its recovery, and gradually drawn closer to extremism ideologically. To ensure national security and social stability, Southeast Asian countries attach great importance to counter-terrorism and de-extremization. Under the guidance of national counter-terrorism strategies, while cracking down on violent terrorism, Southeast Asian countries have actively carried out de-extremization. In terms of concepts and initiatives, the de-extremization of Southeast Asian countries shows the following common features: most of the countries attach importance to combating violent extremism, continue to combine fighting and prevention and control, organize systematic training courses on de-extremization, and attach importance to the combination of de-extremization and increasing economic opportunities. In terms of the above concepts and measures, it is highly consistent with the anti-terrorism de-extremization work carried out in Xinjiang, China. It reflects the consensus and understanding of all countries on the law of anti-terrorism and de-extremization. It has become the basis for opposing double standards in anti-terrorism and strengthening international cooperation of anti-terrorism de-extremization all around the world as well.
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