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SHU Hongshui: British Measures to Deal with Extremism and Its Enlightenment: Based on Prevent Strategies
September 12,2019   By:
British Measures to Deal with Extremism and Its Enlightenment: Based on Prevent Strategies
SHU Hongshui
Abstract: The threat of terrorism in Britain mainly comes from the country inside. Therefore, Britain attaches great importance to the domestic de-extremization, and its measures to deal with extremism are mainly based on the Prevent strategies. Under this strategies, Britain has formulated a comprehensive "de-extremization" measure, which mainly includes six aspects. Firstly, the use of Internet information technology can effectively curb the spread of extreme ideas in the network space; secondly, starting from the field of education to curb the spread of extreme thinking in student group; thirdly, building the community as the main front to prevent extremization; fourthly, clarify the issue of extremism in the field of religion; fifthly, improving the legal system against terrorism, carrying out specific judicial activities in a targeted way, and using the rule of law to make anti-terrorism more effective; sixthly, through the development of the Channel program to protect vulnerable groups being involved in violent extremism or terrorist acts. Those above measures are aimed at responding to extremist ideology and to establish links with civil society groups to support “de-extremization”. However, in the process of implementing those measures, there are also some doubts, such as excessive police power which are inconsistent with threats, Muslim group are disguised supervised, human rights violations are existed, measures are not so effective, part resources are wasted and so on. As the result, Britain has responded those measures from three aspects: reviewing the "de-extremization" project; evaluating the results and benefits; and updating and improving the program. Our country is facing many predicaments in the field of de-extremization, which are similar to those of Britain. Learing from the beneficial experience of Prevent and Channel in Britain, we should respond positively to queries; evaluate measures and projects for de-extremization; train professionals in various fields; exert the strength of the community and the masses; and strengthen communication with the religious community.
Key words: extremism; de-extremization; Prevent and Channel
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