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Nakpa POLO: Path of Human Rights Development under the Background of the Diversity of Civilization


Path of Human Rights Development under the Background of the Diversity of Civilization
Nakpa POLO

Nakpa POLO,President of Human Rights Committee, Togo delivers a speech at the meeting.(Photo by Yin Chao)
The 2019 South-South Human Rights Forum, jointly hosted by the State Council Information Office and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, opened in Beijing from Dec.10 to 11,2019. Nakpa POLO,President of Human Rights Committee, Togo delivered a speech at the meeting.

Cultural diversity creates a multi-coloured world: diversity creates exchanges, exchanges lead to integration, and integration allows progress. The coexistence of civilizations is based on respect for diversity. Only mutual respect, mutual inspiration and harmonious coexistence contribute to a dynamic and prosperous world. All civilizations are the fruit of the wisdom and contribution of different nations. There is no higher or lower civilization or good or bad civilization. We must promote dialogue and exchange and not exclusion or replacement of one by the other, because the history of humanity is marked by exchange, mutual inspiration and integration among civilizations. We are committed to promoting the creative development of human civilization in a spirit of respect, equality, openness and mutual enrichment.
Today, with the accelerated upheavals on the international scene, humanity is going through a critical phase in its history, where dialogue must be established as a strategic option to address the major challenges facing the international community. For a better coexistence between peoples and nations, dialogue is the surest way to advance the human rights ideal, by dispelling the causes of the tensions and antagonisms that cause international crises.
Togo, for its part, continuing its efforts to make human rights more effective, adopted its National Development Plan (NDP 2018-2022) with the aim of structurally transforming the economy, installing strong, sustainable, inclusive growth that creates decent jobs for all and leads to improved social well-being.
I would like to conclude by inviting each of us to read President Xi Jinping's book entitled: “Let us build a community of destiny for humanity ", the French edition of which was launched in Togo on 03 September 2019. Indeed, this major book is based on the observation that no country facing a world full of great uncertainties can act alone or get out of it alone. President Xi Jinping therefore invites us to follow a new voice for relations between States that favour dialogue and partnership rather than confrontation.
(The author Nakpa POLO is the President of Human Rights Committee, Togo)