LU Zhian

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Lu Zhian, a Ph.D in law, an Associate Professor at Fudan University Law School, Deputy Director of the University’s Human Rights Research Center (National Human Rights Education and Training Base), and Deputy Director of the University’s Center for European Studies
Lu Zhian was a Guest Professor at Groningen University, Netherlands, Guest Professor at Law School, City University of Hong Kong. He is currently an Executive Member of Council of China Society for Human Rights Studies, a Member of Council of Chinese Society of International Law, China Society of Private International Law, and Chinese Society of International Economic Law, an Executive Member of Council of the Institute of European Law Studies of Chinese Association for European Studies, and Vice President of the Association of European Law Studies of Shanghai Law Society. He is also an Arbitrator at Jinhua Arbitration Commission, a part-time lawyer at a law firm in Pudong, Shanghai. In 1998, he was certified as a notary mediator in Texas. He mainly researches on public international law, international human rights law, international humanitarian law, international criminal law, business and human rights, international environment law, EU law, international economic law, China business law etc. He has published multiple papers in Law Review, Exploration and Free Views, Yale-China Journal of American Studies, Law Science Magazine, Human Rights, Journal of International Taxation, etc.

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