ZHANG Yonghe

July 24,2022By:en.humanrights.cn

As a professor and doctoral supervisor, ZHANG Yonghe is also the executive dean of the Human Rights Institute at the Southwest University of Political Science and Law (SWUPL) and a pioneer in the subject of human rights law. Besides, he is a visiting scholar at the University of Cambridge and the London School of Economics. He is a chief expert of the Human Rights Institute at SWUPL (National High-end Think Tank Construction and Cultivation Unit). Moreover, he is editor-in-chief of many major journals of think tank such as SWUPL Think Tank Special News, Human Rights and China, Journal of Human Rights Law, China Human Rights Review and Jurisprudence in Society, and he is the director of the Non-traditional Security Institute at SWUPL. He is a pioneer of academic technologies in Chongqing (Law and Jurisprudence), a managing director of China Society for Human Rights Studies, a vice president of the Chinese Legal Sociology Academic Committee, a managing director of the Association of Legislation and a managing director of Jurisprudence Institute of Law as well as a director of Society of Comparative Law of CLS. His main research directions are human rights law, jurisprudence theory and non-traditional security research, etc. 
ZHANG Yonghe has also been interviewed by CCTV's Focus Report, Live News and other columns and published articles on human rights theory in People's Daily and Guangming Daily and so on. 

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