Marcos Cordeiro Pires

July 22,
In 1990, Marcos Cordeiro Pires graduated from the Department of History of the University of S?o Paulo, and later earned the department’s Ph.D in economic history. He now serves a professor of international political economics at Sao Paulo State University (UNESP), and teaches international relations and social sciences. With tons of experience in economic history, political economics and international political economics, he devotes himself to such researches as the status of Brazil in world economy, globalization and economic development, China-Brazil relations and mechanisms for BRICs, and mainly focuses on China-Brazil relations and China-South America relations. He is now a co-coordinator of BRICs research group of National Council for Scientific and Technological Development, a coordinator at the Institute for Economic Research of UNESP, a board member of UNESP’s Confucius Institute, and a researcher in the Center for US Studies of National Academy of Science and Technology in Brazil.

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