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April 1,2016
China has actively carried out national measures and engaged in international cooperation to promote nuclear security and has made significant headway in the realm, the Asian country said in a report released Thursday.
April 5,2016
China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA), one of the major national foundations, raised 4.657 billion yuan and invested 3.814 billion in poverty alleviation in 2015, benefiting over 4 million people at home and abroad according to the data released by the CFPA on March 31, 2016.
April 6,2016
Guo Boxiong, former vice chairman of China's Central Military Commission (CMC), has confessed to taking bribes, military prosecutors said Tuesday.
Military prosecutors have finished investigating Guo's alleged graft case and started the procedure to prosecute him, said a statement from the military procuratorate.
Guo was found to have taken advantage of his position to assist in promotion and reassignment of others, accepting huge amounts in bribes both personally and through his family, the statement said.
April 6,2016
China has established a system to take care of left-behind children in rural areas by pooling the efforts of 27 institutions, according to a document issued Tuesday.
April 7,2016
China will further deepen reform in healthcare this year with key factors for the reform discussed at a meeting of the central government on Wednesday.
The State Council, the country's cabinet, convened a regular executive meeting Wednesday and determined that healthcare reform should benefit more people.
Key sectors for healthcare reform this year were decided at the meeting, which was presided over by Premier Li Keqiang.
April 8,2016
Wang Feng, a senior official from the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, expressed his concerns about the teen drug abuse in China on the sidelines of a meeting held by the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference on April 6, 2016. 
According to the 2015 China Drug Situation Report, Chinese drug users are becoming younger. Over 1.4 million registered drug addicts are under the age of 35. 14,000 adolescent drug users were added in 2015. 
April 11,2016
The Ministry of Education (MOE) and the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) rolled out a series of measures to guarantee school safety across the country on Friday.
April 12,2016
China's deep underground drinking water sources are safe, an official at the Ministry of Water Resources said on Monday in response to a news report suggesting that more than 80 percent of the water in China's aquifers is too polluted for human consumption.
April 12,2016
Children in Shanghai who fail to visit their parents regularly will find their credit standing adversely affected, according to a new rule set to take effect on May 1.
If a child refuses to visit an elderly parent, the parent can file a lawsuit. If the child still refuses to follow through with their obligations after the court makes a ruling, it will be recorded into a credit platform, which could adversely affect their future work and general life.
April 12,2016
China’s Supreme People's Procuratorate, the Ministry of Public Security and the Finance Ministry jointly issued last month the Regulations on Protecting and Rewarding Duty Crime Informers to improve whistle-blower protection.
The new document encourages real-name whistle blowing by individuals and units. Any individual or unit who reports duty crimes to procuratorial organs shall receive legal protection, according to the Regulations. 
April 13,2016
Top Chinese legislator Zhang Dejiang has urged government organs and the food industry to fully enforce and obey the country's food safety law prior to a law enforcement inspection.
April 13,2016
Chen Mingming, deputy governor of Southwest China’s Guizhou Province appeared in court over a land seizure dispute with a villager on April 11, 2016.
Ding Jiaqiang, the plaintiff, demanded the Guizhou provincial government revoke a compensation scheme for a highway project, which was issued by the Zunyi municipal government last June.
After Ding’s appeal with the provincial government was rejected, he then filed a lawsuit with the court.
April 14,2016
China published a report on the United States' human rights situation on Thursday.
The report, titled "Human Rights Record of the United States in 2015" was released by the Information Office of the State Council, China's cabinet, in response to "2015 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices" issued by the U.S. State Department on April 13 local time.
April 14,2016
The State Council has announced that 357 officials implicated in cases concerning the illegal sale of improperly stored vaccines would be penalized.
They will face punishments including losing their jobs or demotion, according to a decision made at a State Council executive meeting on Wednesday.
April 14,2016
China and the African Union (AU) held the first human rights talks at the AU headquarters on Tuesday, co-chaired by Liu Hua, the human rights envoy of China’s Foreign Ministry, and Matlosa Khabele, director of the Department of Political Affairs of the AU. 
April 14,2016
China has the world's strictest food safety evaluation system for genetically modified (GM) foods and is a world leader in the development of GM technology, a national GM safety committee member said.
April 14, 2016
Chinese telecom fraud suspects deported from Kenya get off a plane after arriving at the Beijing Capital International Airport in Beijing, capital of China, April 13, 2016. Kenyan police deported 77 Chinese telecom fraud suspects, including 45 Taiwanese, to the Chinese mainland. The first group of 10 people had been repatriated on Saturday and the remaining 67 were sent back by a chartered plane on Wednesday.
April 15,2016
China's Supreme People's Court issued newly amended court rules at a press conference on Thursday.
The new court rules with 15 articles added focus on respecting and protecting human rights. 
April 18,2016
China published a report on the United States human rights record on Thursday, providing the hypocritical "defender of human rights" the opportunity to reflect.
Not only did the U.S. see no improvement to its existing human rights issues, but the past year saw the emergence of numerous new problems, according to the report released by China's State Council Information Office.
April 18,2016
China and South Africa held the first human rights consultationon April 14 at Pretoria, South Africa.
Liu Hua, special representative for human rights affairs of China’s Foreign Ministry,and Nozipho Mxakato-Diseko, Deputy Director-General of the Global Governanceand Continental Agenda of South Africa’s Department of International Relations and Cooperation(DIRCO), co-chaired the consultation.
During the consultation, the two sides exchanged views on human rights concepts, multilateral coordination and technical cooperation in human rights areas. Both sides agreed that the consultation was important and fruitful and will strengthen further cooperation. They also agreed to establish a regular consultation mechanism of human rights.
April 18,2016
China's top planning authority pledged it will issue procedures designed to help migrant workers and their families acquire full urban residential status.
April 18,2016
More than 2.49 million impoverished people will be relocated in 2016, in the latest effort to deliver on the government's target of lifting all people out of poverty by 2020.
April 19,2016
The maximum penalty for convicts found guilty of embezzling or accepting bribes worth 3 million yuan (about 463,000 U.S. dollars) or more in an "extremely serious case" with "extremely vile impact" will be the death penalty, according to a new judicial explanation issued on Monday.
The ruling was jointly issued by the Supreme People's Court and the Supreme People's Procuratorate.
April 19,2016
Parents of disabled or deceased only children will now receive a monthly state compensation of 270 yuan and 340 yuan respectively, according to a document recently released by the Ministry of Finance and the National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC). 
April 20,2016
President Xi Jinping called on Tuesday for "more tolerance and patience" toward netizens and welcomed online criticism, "whether mild or fierce", as long as it arises from goodwill.
April 20,2016
The Ministry of Environmental Protection started an investigation on Sunday into what caused about 500 students at Changzhou Foreign School in Jiangsu province to come down with a range of pollution-related illnesses.
April 20,2016
China’s central government will assign 800 teachers every year to assist 20 primary and middle schools in Tibet according to a working conference on supporting Tibet’s education Monday.
Meanwhile, 400 teachers selected from Tibet’s kindergartens, elementary and middle schools will be trained in the mainland every year.
April 21,2016
China will relax household relocation policies in 2016 to encourage more migrants settle in cities, according to a press conference held by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC)Tuesday.
April 22,2016
Chinese President Xi Jinping has urged governments and localities to invest greater efforts in addressing outstanding issues in public petitioning, an official release said on Thursday.
April 25,2016
China signed the Paris Agreement on climate change here on Friday, giving a strong push to the international efforts against global warming.
April 26,2016
Wholesalers are no longer allowed to trade vaccines following a case involving the sale of millions of dollars' worth of improperly stored vaccines, according to a government decision publicized Monday.
Premier Li Keqiang signed the decree on April 23, which was endorsed on April 13 at an executive meeting of the State Council, China's cabinet.
The decision to amend a regulation on vaccine circulation and use aims to address the problems identified by an investigation into the vaccine scandal, according to an official elaboration on the document.
April 27,2016
China ranked at the top in a Save the Children survey of 18 countries in reducing discrimination against and neglect of children, with more than 70 percent of Chinese saying they had seen an improvement.
The survey results, released on Tuesday, showed that 74 percent of Chinese thought things were getting better-the highest proportion out of all countries surveyed.
April 29,2016
Overseas NGOs must secure approval from Chinese authorities before they can operate on the Chinese mainland, according to a new law adopted by China's top legislature Thursday.
April 29, 2016
A delegation of China's Tibetan legislators on Thursday met and held candid exchanges with Nancy Pelosi of California, the Minority Leader of the United States House of Representatives in Washington DC, on China-US relationship and China's policies related to its Tibet Autonomous Region.
The Delegation is led by Qizhala, deputy to China's National People's Congress and secretary of the Communist Party of China Lhasa Municipal Committee.
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