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The Supreme People's Procuratorate (SPP) of China released a circular Thursday, telling all procuratorates to deal severely with crimes against kindergarten children, protect their rights and prevent such crimes from happening.
China and Canada Monday agreed to issue a joint statement on climate change and clean growth during the second meeting of the Annual Dialogue between the Chinese premier and the Canadian prime minister.
"China has made tremendous progress in improving children’s living conditions over the past 40 years," said Helle Thorning-Schmidt, CEO of Save the Children, an international organization focused on child protection, education and health, in an interview with China.org.cn on November 27, 2017.
President Xi Jinping said Tuesday that China and Canada should explore new ideas and take measures to achieve substantial progress in bilateral ties.
China will further integrate government information systems and enable more information disclosure on the allocation of public resources, according to a decision made at the State Council executive meeting chaired by Premier Li Keqiang on Wednesday.
The first South-South Human Rights Forum kicked off in Beijing on Thursday. Themed "Building a Community of Shared Future for Human Beings: New Opportunity for South-South Human Rights Development," the forum has gathered scholars and officials from over 70 countries to discuss rights issues.
Chinese President Xi Jinping has called on the international community to respect and reflect the will of the people in developing countries in human rights development.
Xi made the remarks in a congratulatory message to the South-South Human Rights Forum, which opened in Beijing Thursday.
Dec.12, 2017
A slew of documents regarding the Nanjing Massacre were published in both paper and digital versions Monday.
Dec.13, 2017
Themed on “Building a community with a shared future for mankind in the area of human rights”, the 6th Cross-cultural Human Rights Seminar was held in Qingdao, east China’s Shandong Province from Dec.3 to Dec.6, 2017. 
Dec.13, 2017
Chinese President Xi Jinping has attended the state memorial ceremony in the eastern city of Nanjing to mark the 80th anniversary of the Nanjing Massacre.
Dec.14, 2017
The rights of lawyers to work free from harassment or threats have been bolstered by the establishment of a mechanism designed to provide rapid responses and solutions to complaints, according to Jiang Min, a spokesman for the All China Lawyers Association.
China on Thursday began a new project to tighten supervision and assessment to narrow the education gap between the east and the central and western regions, according to the Ministry of Education.
A white paper issued by China's State Council Information Office on Friday lauded "remarkable progress" in the law-based protection of human rights over the past five years.
According to the white paper, titled "New Progress in the Legal Protection of Human Rights in China," the country has opened a new era of human rights protection.
Dec.18, 2017
China's major disease medical insurance now covers more than one billion people, according to the National Health and Family Planning Commission.
Dec 18, 2017 
The 2017 China-Germany Human Rights Development Forum was held in Beijing on December 14, 2017. Experts from both countries discussed issues of protecting the rights and interests of special groups.
Dec.19, 2017
The controversial attempt to do the world's first human head transplant surgery, carried out by a Chinese doctor, put China's organ transplant industry back into the spotlight, again.
Dec.19, 2017
A stack of measures have been taken in China to educate adolescents about sexual and reproductive health, said the China Family Planning Association.
Dec.20, 2017
China Development Research Foundation issued its first comprehensive report on children’s development Monday in Beijing.
The report titled “Country Report on the Child Development in China 2017” is focused on poverty reduction and children’s early development.
Dec.20, 2017
The seminar on the development of China’s human rights cause in a new era, co-sponsored by China Society for Human Rights Studies (CSHRS) and the Publicity Department of Guangdong Province, was held Tuesday in south China’s Guangzhou city.
Dec.21, 2017
China has established education partnership with 188 countries and regions in the past five years, said the Ministry of Education on Monday.
Dec.21, 2017 
China will take targeted measures to address problems to improve the public's overall well-being in 2018, said a statement issued after the annual Central Economic Work Conference concluded Wednesday.
Dec.21, 2017
China has made historic economic achievements in the past five years, now with the largest middle-income population in the world, said a statement issued after the Central Economic Work Conference which ended Wednesday.
Dec.25, 2017
China's employment rate in the first three quarters of 2017 hit a record high, with more than 10 million new jobs added to the economy between January and September, according to a report by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. 
Dec.25, 2017
People around the world should make concerted efforts to build a community with a shared future for mankind, said President Xi Jinping in the report to the 19th CPC National Congress.
Facing the great development and changes in the world, it is necessary for the whole mankind to build a community of peace, security, prosperity, openness and inclusiveness, and beauty. 
Dec.26, 2017
The number of enrolled students receiving compulsory education in 2016 reached 142 million and 94.8578 million of them came from rural areas accounting for two thirds of the total, according to China’s Rural Education Development Report in 2017 released by the Research Institute of Rural Education of Northeast Normal University on Saturday.
Dec.27, 2017
China’s endeavor to address environmental issues and build a beautiful country has contributed to the global ecological development and won international recognition and applause.