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Dogs can guide visually impaired in public
The Beijing Municipal Barrier-Free Environment Construction Regulation, which allows the visually impaired to be accompanied by a guide dog in public places and even use public transport, came into effect on Nov. 1.
The regulation will be of immense help to the visually impaired, because guide dogs can help them navigate the streets and use public transport with less trouble.
From: China Daily
Better data protection will boost digital economy
On Nov. 1, the Personal Information Protection Law was officially implemented. Combined with the Data Security Law that came into effect on Sept. 1, the legal framework in the field of data security is being established and improved.
From: China Daily
China Focus: China to boost international IPR cooperation
China is endeavoring to promote a broader and deeper opening-up of the intellectual property rights sector to boost international IPR cooperation during the 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-25), said the IPR authorities at a press conference on Nov. 1.
The IPR authorities have drafted three major moves targeted to make breakthroughs in IPR global cooperation, Gan Shaoning, deputy head of the National Intellectual Property Administration (NIPA), said at the press conference.
From: Xinhua
Insurance reforms aid access to medicines
China's drug insurance regulatory reforms in the past few years have greatly eased the financial burden of patients while boosting access to advanced and innovative medications, according to a blue paper released on Nov. 2.
The country has rolled out a number of major medical insurance policies since 2018, including regular updates of its drug reimbursement list, price negotiations with drugmakers and national bulk-buy programs.
Ministries protect truck drivers' rights
Sixteen ministry-level departments, including transport and public security, jointly released a guideline to protect the rights of truck drivers.
The guideline, released on Nov. 3, aims to create a better working environment for truckers and protect their legal rights. It includes measures for building more rest stations for truckers and offering property insurance to ease their troubles.
Photo exhibition commemorating 50th anniv. of restoration of China's lawful seat in UN held in Geneva
An exhibition, titled `Promoting Shared Prosperity for a Peaceful Future,` was jointly hosted by the Chinese Mission in Geneva, the UN Office in Geneva and Xinhua News Agency. Li Song, charge d`affaires of the Chinese Mission in Geneva on Nov. 4, together with dozens of UN officials and ambassadors from other countries, visited the photo exhibition. 
From: Xinhua
Nation aiming to train more social workers
China aims to promote the training of professional social workers to assist grassroots level governance, according to the Ministry of Civil Affairs.
Last month, a record 829,000 applicants sat for an annual national examination for social worker's certification, a year-on-year increase of 36 percent, Chen Jun, deputy director of the charity promotion and social work department of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, told a news conference on Nov. 5.
China to include screening for depression in student health checks
China will include screening for depression in student health checks amid efforts to prevent the mental disorder among teenagers, according to a statement released on Nov. 9 by the Ministry of Education.
The statement was released in response to a proposal on preventing depression among teenage students put forth by the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, China's top political advisory body, during its fourth session from March 4 to 10 this year.
From: Xinhua
China's COVID-19 vaccines help emerging states achieve impressive vaccination rates: UK research report
Chinese-made COVID-19 vaccines have helped some emerging countries achieve impressive vaccination rates, in some cases faster than richer economies, said a British research report on Nov. 10.
The Economist Intelligence Unit, research and analysis division of Economist Group, said in its latest report that more than seven billion shots have been administered around the world as of late October. However, developed countries have succeeded in vaccinating large percentages of their populations, while many developing states have made only negligible progress.
From: Xinhua
China seeks public opinion on internet data protection draft regulations
The Cyberspace Administration of China on Nov. 14 issued a set of draft management regulations on protecting internet data security to solicit opinion from the public.
According to the regulations, the country shall establish a category- and class-based data protection system.
From: Xinhua
Li pledges orderly low-carbon transition
China has adopted a series of measures that effectively eased pressure on the supply of electricity and coal, and the country's future energy supply is guaranteed, Premier Li Keqiang said on Nov. 16.
While addressing the World Economic Forum Special Virtual Dialogue with Global Business Leaders, Li said that China will consider its national conditions and push forward the low-carbon transition in a balanced and orderly way on the premise of ensuring the steady and safe supply of energy.
From: China Daily Global
China approves plan to digitalize government services
A State Council executive meeting on Nov. 17 reviewed and approved a plan to digitalize government services nationwide during the 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-2025).
China will accelerate the construction of a digital government to improve administrative services, according to the meeting, which was chaired by Premier Li Keqiang.
From: Xinhua
China responsible for 95% of APEC forest increase
Forest cover in China increased 26.5 million hectares from 2007 to 2020, contributing about 95 percent of the total increase among all 21 members of the APEC, the National Forestry and Grassland Administration said on Nov. 17.
The administration also said the forest cover of the Asia-Pacific region grew by a total of 27.9 million hectares during the same period, achieving the goal of increasing forest cover of the region by at least 20 million hectares of all types of forest by 2020.
From: chinadaily.com.cn
Democracy should be common goal with diversified approaches: Chinese diplomat
Common goals with diversified approaches showcase exactly what diplomats are doing in various domains in Geneva, because civilizations are rich and diverse, and so is democracy, a senior Chinese diplomat said on Nov. 18.
Li Song, charge d'affaires of the Chinese Mission in Geneva, said at the opening of a webinar titled "Democracy and Human Rights: Common Goals with Diversified Approaches" that democracy is not something that could be mass produced.
From: Xinhua
China initiates month-long recruiting program for college graduates
China's Ministry of Education (MOE) has launched a month-long recruiting program starting from Nov. 20 to help the country's over 10 million new college graduates in 2022 secure a job.
Together with 12 major job-hunting agencies, the MOE will hold online recruitment activities and organize at least 10 large-scale national job fairs for key regions, key industries and key groups.
From: Xinhua
China aims to safeguard groundwater with new rule
China will impose high penalties on violations that may jeopardize its groundwater resources with a new regulation, as it strives to address excessive exploitation and pollution of the resources, a senior official said. 
Wei Shanzhong, vice-minister of water resources, made the remarks in a news conference organized by the State Council Information Office on Nov. 22, following the publication of a recent regulation on groundwater management.
From: chinadaily.com.cn
Courts warned to stop refusing to file new cases
Chinese courts will be criticized and held accountable if they are found to not have filed new cases because they are handling existing disputes, China's top court said on Nov. 23.
Since 2015, courts nationwide have been ordered to file cases immediately after receiving plaintiffs' registrations and ensuring their materials are sufficient, "but we've still discovered some courts have refused to accept new cases at the end of a year because they have been under pressure to solve existing disputes," said Qian Xiaochen, head of the Case Filing Tribunal with the Supreme People's Court.
From: chinadaily.com.cn
Overdue move to better protect tenants' rights
The Shanghai municipal government released details of a regulation on indemnificatory housing, which includes government-backed rental housing for qualified new residents, young people and other groups, at a news conference on Nov. 23. According to the regulation, the increase in the rent for indemnificatory housing should be limited to 5 percent a year.
On Nov. 24, the Beijing Municipal People's Congress reviewed a draft on indemnificatory housing, and decided that the deposit rental housing agencies collect from tenants should not exceed a month's rent. The congress also authorized the Beijing government to better regulate the rental housing market.
From: China Daily
Nation's legal aid system offers lessons
China's practices of ensuring that people can have equal access to justice and supervise administrative powers in accordance with the law are valuable lessons for other countries, two Chinese human rights experts said during the third session of the United Nations' Forum on Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law.
The forum, focusing on equal access to justice for all, was held in Geneva, Switzerland, on Nov.23 and Nov. 24.
From: China Daily
Democratic systems 'diverse'
Democratic systems used to protect human rights are diversified and should be appropriate to each country's own situation, experts on law, politics and public affairs from China and overseas said at an international seminar on Nov. 24.
The experts made the remarks at an international webinar on "The Diversity of Democracy: Systems and Practices across States", which was led by the China Society for Human Rights Studies and hosted by Central South University's Human Rights Center in Changsha, Hunan province.
From: China Daily
Government action plan promotes breastfeeding
China will promote breastfeeding over the next five years by improving hospitals' consultancy services, public support facilities and protecting women's working rights during lactation.
A plan released by the National Health Commission on Nov. 24 said breastfeeding is of great importance to promote a new-born's growth, and can also reduce the morbidity risk to mother and baby.
Shanghai parents get longer child care leave
Parents in Shanghai will be able to enjoy more time with their newborns and extra annual child care leave after a revision to the municipal population and family planning regulation was passed by the city's legislature on Nov. 25.
The revision was approved by the standing committee of the Shanghai Municipal People's Congress to bring the local regulation into line with the amendment of China's Population and Family Planning Law in August.
From: China Daily
Single children in Zhejiang given 5-day vacation to see parents
Young people in Zhejiang will get more time to care for their aging parents, according to a newly released regulation from the Zhejiang People's Congress on Nov. 25. 
For families with only one child, if one of the child's parents is over 60, the child can take five days off to accompany their parents every year, with the child's salary, bonuses and other social benefits remaining, according to the regulation.
From: chinadaily.com.cn
China sets rules to safeguard drivers' rights, curb monopoly in ride-hailing sector
China rolled out a guidance on Nov. 30 to better safeguard the rights of workers from emerging businesses in the transportation industry, such as ride-hailing, requiring operators to improve income distribution mechanisms and guarantee rest periods for drivers. 
The move came after Chinese regulators told 10 companies in the delivery and ride-hailing sectors, including Meituan, DiDi Global, Alibaba Group's Ele.me and Tencent Holdings, to better protect their workers in September.
From: CGTN
China spending more on education
China spent more than 5.3 trillion yuan ($832 billion) on education last year, up 5.7 percent from 2019, according to the national education expenditure report released on Nov. 30.
The report, jointly released by the Ministry of Education, the National Bureau of Statistics and the Ministry of Finance, said government budgetary spending on education totaled about 4.3 trillion yuan last year, up 7.2 percent year-on-year.
From: chinadaily.com.cn

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