For the past 40 years since the start of reform and opening-up, particularly in the last five years, China, with remarkable achievements in the cause of human rights, has played an active role in promoting human rights on the world stage. China will present to the world the Chinese wisdom and approaches to tackle issues concerning human rights and build a common community of shared future for mankind.

UN expert urges agencies to put right to development at center of their work

A UN human rights expert on Thursday urged the international society to make the right to...[more..]

Experts highlight right to development and community of shared future for mankind in Geneva

Experts attending a side-event of the ongoing 36th UN Human Rights Council Session highlighted the right to development and the concept of a community of shared future for mankind.[more..]

China promotes global recognition of right to peace

In building a community of shared future for mankind and pursuing global common development, China is taking the lead in promoting the right to peace.[more..]

Nanjing plays a 'key role' in peace

More than 100 scholars and history researchers from China, Japan and South Korea called for peace and mutual understanding in Nanjing, which became China s first International City of Peace on Saturday.[more..]

China's progress on human rights promotion applauded at photo exhibition in Geneva

China's progress in human rights promotion were applauded by a number of senior diplomats and international organizations' leaders who joined some 800 viewers at the opening ceremony of a photo exhibition.[more..]

China holds photo exhibition on human rights progress at Geneva UN headquarters

A photo exhibition titled "For a Better Life of the People " showcasing China s progress and achievements in the human rights promotions in the recent years opened on Monday at the Palaise des Nations, the UN headquarters in Geneva.[more..]

Liu Cheng: China key to safeguarding right to peace globally

The seminar titled “The Philosophy and Practice of Right to Peace in China” was held in Nanjing University on Monday. [more..]

China blazes a trail for human rights progress with Chinese characteristics: official

A senior Chinese official on Monday said here that China has blazed a trail for human rights development that has distinct Chinese features and made outstanding achievements in this field.[more..]