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China issues white paper on human rights
Beijing, November, 1991 -- The Chinese government released a white paper entitled "Human Rights in China." It introduces the efforts and achevements the Chinese people has done in ten chapters: The Right to Subsistence--The Foremost Human Right The Chinese People Long Fight for, The Chinese People Have Gained Extensive Political Rights, Citizens Enjoy Economic, Cultural and Social Rights, Guarantee of Human Rights In China's Judicial Work, Guarantee of the Right to Work, Citizens Enjoy Freedom Of Religious Belief, Guarantee of the Rights of The Minority Nationality, Family Planning and Protection Of Human Rights, Guarantee of Human Rights For the Disabled, Active Participation in International Human Rights Activities.

"In order to help the international community understand the human rights situation as it is in China, we present the following brief account of China's basic position on and practice of human rights." said the Information Office of the State Council which released it.