Chinese President Xi Jinping put forward the idea of "building a community of a shared future" in March 2013, drawing strong and positive feedback from the international community. In February, 2017, the idea was incorporated into a UN resolution for the first time. Since then, the idea has been endorsed by the UN Security Council, the UN Human Rights Council and the UN General Assembly, turning the Chinese concept into an international consensus. Considered as China's solution to cope with global challenges and contribution to global governance, the idea has been exerting a profound influence on international situation.

Work Together to Build a Community of Shared Future for Mankind

As a new year begins, everything takes on a new look, and it gives me great pleasure to visit the United Nations Office at Geneva and discuss with you the building of a community of shared future for mankind, which is the call of our time.[more..]

Follow the Trend of the Times and Promote Peace and Development in the World

It is a world where peace, development, cooperation and mutual benefit have become the trend of the times. The old colonial system has since disintegrated, confrontation between blocs as during the Cold War has long gone. No country or group of countries can dominate world affairs single-handedly.[more..]

Chinese landmark concept put into UN Security Council resolution for 1st time

The Chinese concept of building “a human community with shared destiny” was on Friday incorporated into a UN Security Council resolution for the first time, mirroring the global recognition of China’s great contributions to the global governance, diplomats told Xinhua here.[more..]

Chinese landmark concept put into UN resolution for first time

The 55th UN Commission for Social Development (CSocD) approved a resolution by consensus, which calls for more support to Africa's economic and social development by embracing the spirit of building "a human community with shared destiny."[more..]

Building a community with a shared future matches UN goals: UN official

The idea of building a community with a shared future for humanity is "a fantastic concept " for the world, and it matches what the UN intends to achieve, said a senior official with the UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). [more..]

Chinese wisdom contributing to global governance

China has exerted more efforts in recent years to participate in world affairs and exercise its vision to improve global governance. Dr. Selcuk Colakoglu, Director of the Turkish Center for Asia Pacific Studies and professor of International Relations, said China‘s foreign policy approach, which is based on peaceful development, is a source of inspiration to promote the settlement of disputes.[more..]