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He Zhipeng: International Cooperation in COVID-19 and Values of International Law
In recent days, Jilin province, became one of the focus of China, various cases happened in March, more numbers than Wuhan. Wuhan was the focus two months ago, now it is the Jilin Province. What caused this situation? Living and working condition are not affected, people may go around, buy things, go to their jobs, in the past several days, universities have been working on enrolling graduates, we use internet to make video discussion to examine whether they match the standards. Lives are ok, most universities are not open for students. Jilin University is the biggest university in China, even students graduate this summer, they are not permitted to come back to the university. Internet conference is good, no expense to go from one place to another, we may also exchange ideas. This is the general situation in Jilin. 
As for situation of international law, we should think globally, I heard experts talking about situations of France, Switzerland, situations are different, maybe because of different culture and legal backgrounds. In order to think internationally, we still need to take some steps, we need to share our experience. This situation reminds us so called a community with a shared future. Pandemic is a global risk, if we go back to sociology discussion, it is a very good example, at first, several states had this problems, it is perceived as an “Eastern problem”, now all states face this kind of situation, health crisis goes global, though we have boundaries, physically and legally, but some HR go beyond the border of states. Measures may go beyond border of states, affect other states. If you think about Jilin, why we have such a high number, I think the policy of Russia led the situation in Jilin. When we talk about risk society, we do not only talk natural reasons, but also policies. We need to cooperate on several aspects to deal with this kind of situation, if not, the pandemic is endless.
1. Share info, every day we check the number in the whole world, Japan, Korea, the number helps us to make our own decisions, it is the first level of cooperation. If no info, there will be some misunderstanding, decision could be misleading.
2. Measures of management, control should be coordinated. If Russia has a better measure or controlling system, the problem of north east China will not be this serious, if we have better coordinated management or system, these kinds of things could be managed better. 
3. Coordination in scientific research, if we have the vaccine, we are confident to say we have safe. 
4. Coordination on ideals, we talked about prioritization of HR, Prof. Lu said all human rights are equal, I have a course on HR in my university, I find it difficult in explaining this, students may ask, why some are more important, because they are the basis of realizing other rights. In some specific situations, some rights are more important. Some rights must be side aside, in emergencies, this problem is even more serious, states, governments, and other social organizations, always face this kind of situation. Most crucial thing is human security. We stress state security, I think human security is also important, we need to pay attention to the importance of HR, mainly human health, to realize this right, states should cooperate more.