The 47th regular session of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) was held between June 21, 2021 and July 14, 2021. As Canada accused China on behalf of some Western countries about China's actions in Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Tibet, more than 90 countries have expressed their understanding and support for China's legitimate position in various ways. While acting as "human rights lecturers", the Western countries ignored their own human rights problems such as persecution of aboriginals, racial discrimination, gun violence and military intervention on other countries. These countries are urged to reflect upon and take concrete measures to solve their own human rights problems, abide by the purposes and principles of the UN Charter and the basic norms of international relations, and do good and practical things for the development of international human rights.

Sharing China's experience to promote global human rights development —— Speeches delivered by CSHRS members at the 47th Session of the UN Human Rights Council

The 47th regular session of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) was held between June 21, 2021 and July 14, 2021. Representatives from the China Society for Human Rights Studies (CSHRS) attended the session via video links, voicing their views on a series of topics.[more..]

Rights of the disabled continue to strengthen

China has constantly strengthened protection of the rights of people with disabilities and gradually improved their legal protection, experts said during an online human rights seminar on June 29. Organized by the China Society for Human Rights Studies, the seminar, with the theme "Legal Development and Disability Rights", was a side event of the 47th Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council.[more..]

Global ties key to protecting human rights

International solidarity in protecting human rights is particularly important when the world is still suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic, but such solidarity can hardly be achieved when some countries continue to use human rights issues as political tools to suppress others rather than truly caring for people, human rights experts said on July 2. "Human rights are still often used as excuses and even weapons during global economic and political competition. Many conflicts have been stirred up in the name of human rights," said He Zhipeng, executive director of the Human Rights Center of Jilin University. "Meanwhile, human rights issues are also used as excuses to turn down actions that aim to boost international solidarity."[more..]

Experts call for efforts to curb U.S. cyber surveillance

Experts attending a seminar via video link under the 47th Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council called for global efforts to curb the large-scale cyber surveillance conducted by the U.S. on other countries.[more..]

Experts cite US for cyberspace infractions

Chinese experts on law and internet security pointed on July 9 to cyber surveillance activities conducted by the United States and called for more effective measures globally to ensure cybersecurity. [more..]

UN rights body adopts resolution on tackling systemic racism

The 47th session of the UN Human Rights Council adopted on July 13 a resolution urging for actions to tackle systemic racism against Africans and people of African descent. The resolution is titled "Promotion and protection of the human rights and fundamental freedoms of Africans and of people of African descent against excessive use of force and other human rights violations by law enforcement officers through transformative change for racial justice and equality."[more..]

Human Rights Council: Civil society from developing world call on developed countries to protect economic rights

Experts and civil society from developing countries are calling the developed world to better protect their social and economic rights. These came from an online event on June 25 in Beijing, discussing human rights in the pandemic era. Experts say COVID-19 has highlighted "the most fundamental of human rights" that include economic, social and cultural rights. And some of these same rights have been seriously undermined by the response to the pandemic, such as the hoarding of vaccines. Here's what some of them have to say.[more..]

Hong Kong youth representative refutes Western prejudices at UN human rights meeting

Joephy Chan Wing-yan, a youth representative from China's Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), has refuted biased comments by some Western countries over Hong Kong affairs at a United Nations meeting.[more..]

China refutes groundless accusations over Hong Kong and Xinjiang issues

China's Permanent Representative to the UN's Geneva Office Chen Xu called on Western nations to stop interfering in China's internal affairs over Hong Kong and Xinjiang issues on June 22.[more..]

Ukraine withdraws from Xinjiang-related anti-China joint statement

The Permanent Mission of Ukraine to the United Nations Office in Geneva on June 25 said on its official website that it has withdrawn its signature on a joint statement on the human rights situation in China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.[more..]

65 countries jointly oppose interference in China's internal affairs under pretext of human rights

Belarus, on behalf of 65 countries, delivered a joint speech on June 22 at the 47th session of the UNHRC, stressing that respect for the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of all countries and non-interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states are basic norms governing international relations.[more..]

China's statement on harm of military intervention on human rights

Joint Statement on the harm of military intervention on human rights at the 47th Session of the Human Rights Council Delivered at the Interactive Dialogue with the Independent Expert on Human Rights and International Solidarity by Ambassador Chen Xu, Permanent Representative of the People’s Republic of China to the United Nations Office at Geneva. [more..]

China promotes equality and protection of vulnerable people

Joint Statement on Promoting Equality and Protection of Persons in Vulnerable Situations delivered at the ID with IE on international solidarity on June 23, 2021 delivered by Ambassador Chen Xu, Permanent Representative of the People’s Republic of China to the United Nations Office at Geneva.[more..]

China gravely concerned over human rights violations against migrants by some western nations: diplomat

In a latest move to uncover human rights problems of some western countries, China has said that it is gravely concerned about the violations of the rights of migrants and refugees by, among others, the United States, the European Union, Britain, Australia and Canada.[more..]

China urges relevant countries to address serious human rights violations

A Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson on June 22 urged relevant countries to take concrete steps to address their serious human rights problems, according to a press release published on the ministry's website.[more..]

Chinese NGOs call for more international efforts to safeguard right to development

Some Chinese NGOs and international experts have called for more efforts from non-government sectors to help safeguard human rights during the COVID-19 pandemic, such as the right to food, education, housing and decent work.[more..]

U.S. Human Rights: NGO leaders call on UN to increase monitoring of racism in U.S.

Experts and NGOs have called on the UN Human Rights Council to take action against systemic racism in the United States. The calls were made on June 28 at a parallel event for the 47th Session of the UN Human Rights Council, held online from Beijing. [more..]

Canada's using human rights as political tool at UN doomed to failure: Chinese diplomat

Canada's spreading disinformation to frame China at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) is nothing but using human rights as a political tool, and is doomed to failure, a senior Chinese diplomat said on June 17.[more..]

Xenophobic targeting of US minorities unpalatable

Dozens of cities in the United States have seen mass protests following the killings of some members of minorities, and the demonstrations continue unabated and have increased in intensity.[more..]

Zhang Jun: Violations against children must stop

China's ambassador to the United Nations on June 28 urged the international community to take practical measures to stop grave violations against children, reduce the harm of armed conflicts affecting boys and girls, and realize their comprehensive development.[more..]

China urges Japan to treat comfort women issue in honest, responsible manner

China urged Japan to treat the "comfort women" issue left over from history in an honest and responsible manner at the ongoing 47th session of the UN Human Rights Council.[more..]