The 50th regular session of the United Nations Human Rights Council was held between June 13 and July 8. During the session, Chinese representatives shed light on China's human rights achievements and efforts to protect and promote human rights. The China Society for Human Rights Studies (CSHRS) submitted several written and oral statements and held a series of sideline meetings, voicing their views on a series of topics. A group of 69 countries made a joint statement, saying that issues concerning Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Tibet are China's internal affairs, and expressing opposition to politicization of human rights, double standards and interference in China's internal affairs under the pretext of human rights.

Better education being provided for China's ethnic groups

Specialized cultural and education policies have been implemented according to China's 56 ethnic groups in order to fully protect people's rights to education and to provide firm support for localized development, according to experts attending a recent symposium.[more..]

Success stories shared from China's legal system improvements

The CSHRS held a seminar via video link on June 30 about legal protection for marginalized groups, during which it called for closer attention to be given to women, children, people with disabilities, and the elderly. Themed "Mainstreaming Human Rights: Equal Access to Justice for Marginalized Groups", the seminar was a side event at the UN Human Rights Council's 50th session.[more..]

China calls on countries to work together to counter hate speech

Zhang Jun, China's permanent representative to the United Nations (UN), on Monday called on all countries to conduct dialogues and join hands to combat hate speech. Zhang made the remarks at an informal high-level meeting of the UN General Assembly to mark the commemoration of the first International Day for Countering Hate Speech.[more..]

Weaponizing of human rights decried by world

The 50th regular session of the United Nations Human Rights Council concluded on Friday in Geneva, with the majority of countries affirming what China has achieved in the improvement of its human rights and recognizing its contribution to the development of the global human rights cause.[more..]

HK youth rep. affirms city's progress, blasts U.S. for provocation

A youth representative from China's Hong Kong Special Administrative Region affirmed the city's progress and criticized the U.S. for its antagonism at the 50th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council, which is being held online in Geneva from June 13 to July 8.[more..]

Hong Kong residents on UNHRC: our rights and freedom are well protected

The rights and freedom of people in Hong Kong have been protected by a national security law implemented on June 30, 2020. A Hong Kong youth representative and a pastor from a Christian congregation shared via video their thoughts to the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva last Friday.[more..]

Nearly 70 countries oppose interference in China's internal affairs at UN human rights session

Nearly 70 countries at the ongoing 50th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva on Tuesday opposed exploiting human rights issues to interfere in China's internal affairs. On behalf of these countries, Cuba told the council that the affairs of Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Tibet are China's internal affairs. They reject the politicization of human rights issues, double standards, and meddling in China's internal affairs under the pretext of human rights.[more..]

China accuses UN members of 'politicizing' human rights

In an address to the United Nation Human Rights Council, China's ambassador Chen Xu warned members of the increase in "politicization" of the group urging them to remember why it had been founded.[more..]

China expresses concerns over Indigenous women's rights in U.S., Canada, Australia

China on Monday expressed its concerns over violations of rights of the Indigenous women and girls in the United States, Canada and Australia. A Chinese delegation made clear the stance when speaking at an interactive dialogue following the presentation of a report by Reem Aslam, UN's special rapporteur on violence against women, its causes and consequences, during the ongoing 50th regular session of UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. In her report, the special rapporteur pointed out the violence the Indigenous women involved in politics in the U.S. have been subjected to, the obstacles for Indigenous women and girls in the U.S. to seek justice, the high incarceration rate of Indigenous women in Australia, the genocide Canada has committed against its Indigenous population and the gender discrimination in the Indian Act of Canada.[more..]

Experts call for vigilance on rights

The international community should be vigilant about some trends including the politicization of human rights in terms of global human rights governance, experts said on Tuesday, noting that the right to life and development are top human rights for developing countries.[more..]

Gender equality, child protection promoted

China is promoting gender equality and child protection in the field of international investment and trade by reducing poverty and employment prejudices against women and enhancing supervision to prevent illegal child labor.[more..]

The cruel irony of the U.S.'s obsession with politicizing human rights

The 50th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) has entered its last week of deliberation. This particular session of the UNHRC saw the United States immediately politicize the issue of human rights by signing a statement from the Kingdom of the Netherlands and 46 other countries condemning China.[more..]

More countries support China on Xinjiang amid US-led clique's siege

As the US led a new round of attacks against China by hyping Xinjiang-related topics at the 50th session of the Human Rights Council (HRC), more countries have stood out to support China. Analysts said such a scenario is an epitome of more developing countries opposing the US’ and the West’s poisoning the HRC or politicizing human rights topics to maintain hegemony.[more..]

UN Human Rights Council starts 50th regular session

The 50th regular session of United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) began at the Palais des Nations in Geneva on Monday, with High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet addressing the opening ceremony.[more..]

UN chief calls for end to racism, discrimination

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Monday called for efforts to eliminate racism and discrimination. "Over the next 100 days and beyond, let us work to safeguard the human rights of all people and build peaceful and inclusive societies," the UN chief said in his message for the 100-day countdown to the International Day of Peace, which falls on Sept. 21 annually.[more..]