China's new five-year plan for development has been unveiled at a crucial stage of national economic progress. The plan's time period of 2016-20 will complete with the government timeline to transform the country into a "moderately prosperous society" by 2020.The 13th Five-Year Plan has placed emphasis on improving people's lives, with specific targets set for increasing residents' disposable income, creating new jobs in urban areas, and lifting people in rural areas out of poverty, among others.

Five-year development plan endorsed by NPC committee

The draft outline of the 13th Five-Year Plan on national economy and social development was endorsed by the National People's Congress (NPC) Financial and Economic Committee (FEC) at a meeting on Wednesday.[more..]

China's new five year development plan

China's new five-year plan for development has been unveiled at a crucial stage of national economic progress. The plan's time period of 2016-20 will complete with the government timeline to transform the country into a "moderately prosperous society" by 2020. Launched on March 5 during the annual session of the National People's Congress, China's top legislature, in Beijing, where hundreds of delegates from all over the country were present, the13th Five-Year Plan has set the target of over 6.5 percent growth.[more..]

China sets to win uphill battle against poverty

Few of the over 55 million people living in China's underdeveloped rural areas have any idea of how the ongoing "two sessions" will soon change their lives for the better.[more..]

Xinhua Insight: NPC hopes charity law can help poverty fight

A draft of China's first bill regulating charities was submitted to the national legislature on Wednesday, with lawmakers hoping it can give donors confidence to help the country meet its poverty alleviation targets.[more..]

China releases 1st white paper on court reforms

China’s Supreme People’s Court (SPC) released its first white paper on judicial reforms of China’s courts on March 1,2016. [more..]

China to pilot “plea bargaining” system

China will learn from the “plea bargaining” mechanism to pilot the system of “showing leniency to those who plead guilty” in certain areas this year, according to a statement released at the central conference on political and legal work recently held in Beijing. [more..]

China adopts charity law

China's national lawmakers on Wednesday approved the charity law with 2,636 affirmative votes, 92.49 percent of the total.[more..]

Regulating philanthropy for public benefit

China's new charity law is the first of its kind. It comes into being as China targets lifting all its rural residents above the poverty line by 2020. Experts say the law will help achieve this goal.[more..]

Xinhua Insight: Chinese judiciary vows to keep up "high pressure" on corruption

China's judicial authorities said Sunday that the country will continue to maintain "high pressure" on corruption as authorities press on with a sweeping anti-graft drive.[more..]

Chinese prosecutors probe 54,000 "tigers", "flies" for graft in 2015: report

Chinese prosecutors began investigations into 54,249 officials, including both high-ranking "tigers" and lowly "flies," for suspected involvement in 40,834 graft cases in 2015, a report said on March 13,2016.[more..]

Spokesman slashes "irresponsible" pollutant emission

On March 2,2016,a spokesperson with the national political advisory body criticized some factories of breaking environment rules and called for green efforts from the government and public.[more..]

China not to ease environmental protection despite economic downturn

On March 7,2016, China's Vice Minister of Environmental Protection Wu Xiaoqing said the country's environmental protection efforts will not be eased despite an economic downturn.[more..]

China Focus: China outlines supply-side structural reform plan

China's government work report, presented on March 5,2016, emphasized strengthening supply-side structural reform through cutting low-end supply while increasing high-end supply and public products and services.[more..]

Premier Li says new momentum will promote economic growth

Premier Li Keqiang called for new momentum to promote economic growth on March 6,2016, saying China has the ability to meet its economic and social targets.[more..]

Belt and Road Initiative "is an open initiative, not the Monroe Doctrine or some expansionism": FM

On March 8,2016, the Fourth Session of the Twelfth National People's Congress held a press conference. Foreign Minister Wang Yi was invited to answer questions on China's foreign policy and external relations.[more..]

New think tank established for Belt, Road initiative

A think tank dedicated to the study of the Belt and Road initiative has been established in Beijing.[more..]

Job losses not to derail Chinese hope for more children: spokesperson

The appearance of laid-off workers amid China's efforts in cutting overcapacity won't affect people's hope for more children, a spokesperson with the annual session of the national political advisory body said on March 2,2016.[more..]

Two-child policy to create 30m more workers by 2050

China's two-child policy is expected to lead to more than 30 million people joining the work force by 2050 helping curb a looming shortage, according to a senior family planning official.[more..]